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Modern dating lingo you should know

Every generation has its lingo and the millennials happen to pop so many jargons in just a few years.  

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We may not get all in this list, but we will acquaint you with the basics, so that you may find it easier to relate the next time you hear people say these words:


Anybody who has done this in his or her lifetime must be a descendant of Cruella de Ville.  

This is like leaving behind trails of romance when in reality, there isn’t anything anymore. It’s leading the other person to believe that they haven't been dumped yet because they are still texting sometimes.  

And that 'sometimes' is actually just 'crumbs' of feelings that almost doesn’t exist anymore. 


When you’re not into someone enough to commit yourself, but you don’t want that person to move on and date others either, you string them along.

It’s like playing sports where the coach doesn’t ask you to play on court, so you just wait on the bench - the dating version.  It’s hard moving on, but it’s even harder to be kept left hanging.


When the 'mystery person' you’re chatting with has so many excuses not to meet up with you, chances are, you’re exchanging messages with a person who’s just pretending to be someone else. A real person need not hide their real self behind a profile or a bunch of pictures. 

There you go. These will help get you through those convos you see on social media. At least, for now, you’ve caught up.

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