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WFH Productivity Tips

Roxanne shares with ETC her tips on how to stay productive while working at home during these uncertain times.

Set a dedicated work space

Find a table with an upright chair for you to work at. Avoid working on your bed or a cozy sofa as this may lead to you dozing off or being distracted. 


Find the right balance to focus

Put on some music, put in earbuds, or turn on a humidifier with some Essential Oil, set a setting in your home that will be conducive to work.


Look credible for online meetings

Fix your hair, put on some barely there makeup when you have an online video call. Even if we’re at home its still important to look your best when talking to bosses or clients.


You can wear comfy bottom half

Throw a blazer over a plain t-shirt and you instantly look business casual during your video call. As long as you don’t need to stand up, you can keep your bottom attire comfy.


Take a quick break when you can

Just like in the office, it’s also important to take breaks while working. Stretch your legs, drink some water and grab a healthy snack.


Turn off distractions

Turning TV’s on as background ambience will only serve to distract you from work. Turn them on only when you need a break. Same goes for gaming consoles and mobile games. 


Look for free webinars

Numerous websites are offering free webinars or online conferences where you can learn how to deal with the normal or new skills. 


Set intention to finish goals

Make goals and deadlines for what you need to do, this will keep you motivated and help you finish projects in a timely manner.


Keep track of your results

Make sure to check off those goals and deadlines that you’ve completed. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep up you’re drive to work.


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