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Toxic people to avoid

Toxicity runs through the veins of many people.

Source: Giphy

Unfortunately, some of them are our friends and family members. But can you identify them? Here are some toxic people you should avoid like the plague!

Conversational Narcissist

Nobody else is the world can be better, smarter, or more good-looking that the narcissist. Loving oneself is a good thing, but narcissism or excessive admiration of oneself pushes the person to have too much feeling of entitlement, and that’s where trouble begins.

Emotional Moocher

This person is like a spiritual vampire who sucks the positivity out of you. They tend to bring everyone down, as if there is nothing good to see in the world. Overly critical of things, they will always overemphasize the bigness of problem, instead of solutions. 

The Liar

Who wants to be with a liar? Fibber? Exaggerator? These people can knock you off positivity because of their dishonesty. Not only that, they can get you into real trouble with other people because they have a confused notion of reality.

The Victim

Tears and blame-game -- how a victim personality thrives. Every little mistake is blamed on others or to you, even if it’s nobody’s fault but theirs. For a victim, the world is full of predators and they are always the helpless little prey. And for always being the hapless creature who wants you to feel guilty, this is a truly toxic person to be with. 

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