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Taking Care of your Dog

Roxanne shares with ETC her tips for looking after your dog. From Keeping them healthy to showing them who's boss, join Roxanne and Bruno in this easy to follow How-To.

  1. Walk your Dog - When out walking, ensure your dog is behind or beside you when walking so they knows who’s in control.
  2. Initiate playtime and Feeding time - Ask your dog to do an activity or movement for you so that his meal becomes a reward for a good job.
  3. Make them follow you - Asking your dog to follow you around can strengthen your bond. If they’re able to follow, you can reward them with a treat for listening to your command.
  4. Complete Vaccination and Medication - Regular checkups will keep your dog healthy and you stress-free from worry. If in doubt about how your dog is feeling call your Vet.
  5. Show your dog love and affection - Aside from cuddles and kisses, eye contact is also important in a loving relationship as its a sign of trust.


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