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Flirting through emojis is a must right now

Feeling flirty? Send an emoji!

Admit it, flirting is not what it used to be. It’s not even how your older sister got hooked with her fiancé.  

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Social media has made communication rather easy in such a way that you don’t have to have interface especially when you have to discuss matters of the heart. Instead of loading texts via PMs, DMs, or SMS, all you have to do is choose the right emoji to say what you feel.

Besides, with the current quarantine situation, the dating scene is now virtual. Check out what each emoji would mean to the person receiving it on other side of the screen:

Heart Eyes 😍

This is the main one or primary emoji to convey your love or attraction to another person. But it can also be used to imply that you find something cute—like a puppy.

Winking + Kissing Face With A Heart 😘

When you see this, kisses are being thrown at you. You may also be sending the kiss. Depending on how you see the person you are chatting with, this emoji expresses affection.

Blushing 😊

This is simply cute. Whether you receive it, or send it, it’s an adorable compliment. It usually implies that you have a crush on the person.

Couple Heart 💑

This is blushing with excitement, or “butterflies,” as they call it. It’s telling that romance is in the air.

Combination Emojis

food + table set: + drinks 🍛 🍽 🥂

If you want to suggest a dinner date, why don’t you use any food or table set emoji and another one that suggests you want to eat out? It’s easier said that way without you having to compose the actual dinner invitation.

popcorn + tickets + question mark: 🍿 🎟 ?

Now, we’re talking! If you are really, really super shy to ask the person or you simply feel awkward about asking for a movie date, then this is a sample of a set of emojis you can put together. And at least, just pray you won’t be seen-zoned. 

One shot emojis or a mix of emojis - your call. The idea is to get a reaction and maybe a blossoming romance.  💘 

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