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Eyeglasses vs. contacts: See for yourself

You must be between 20 to 30 years old and still wondering if you will stick to your eyeglasses or you will purchase contact lenses.  

With all the choices and reasons, we’re not surprised you find it pretty tough to decide.  Again, it really depends on your lifestyle and which you find comfortable.


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Eyeglasses are easy to use since you just put them on in the morning and remove them a few seconds before you begin to doze off.  

You won’t need any cleaning solutions or lubricants to complete your set. (You should wipe your glasses clean too everyday.)

There are lightweight frames in various shapes, designs, and sizes to fit your style, or your face shape. You can even opt for glasses that turn darker in daylight to protect your eyes from UV rays of the sun. It’s just a bit more pricey, but trust us, it’s totally worth the extra cash.  

Unfortunately, glasses can be a bit heavy on the nose and it sometimes puts pressure on your ears. When you’re hot and sweaty, the lens do fog up and it can be a hassle. And if you apply eye makeup? Nah, it will ruin the makeup look for sure.

Contact Lenses

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Also known as 'contacts' for short. Since the lenses move with your eyes, contacts give you more natural vision than glasses.

Nothing blocks what you see unless you don’t clean your lenses regularly. They don’t fog up, get wet when it rains or it changes temperatures. You can play sports without fear of eyeglasses shattering when you accidentally get hit. 

On the contrary, wearing contacts requires maintenance because you need to clean them and lubrication is a must. There should be a sanitary case with contacts solution for your lenses to be cleaned and maintained. You can't even do it overnight because you have to change the solution every several hours.

Important: You CANNOT sleep with it on your eyes. You have to stay away from windy and extremely dry places. But if you love your face without glasses, contacts are for you.

Whatever you decide -whether glasses or contacts- is up to you.

Please note: With the current situation we're in, it's advisable to use eyeglasses for now, as putting on and taking out contact lenses mean more contact for your hands and fingers with your eyes. Just to be on the safe side, opt for prescription glasses to avoid poking your eyes with your fingers and maybe even infect yourself with the virus.

Stay healthy and keep safe even when it comes to eye care! 

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