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American Idol Grand Finale Live on May 20

The title awaits as we get closer to finding out the next singing sensation who will continue the American Idol legacy!

The cutthroat competition has come down to the survival of the fittest week after week with every episode ending in a heartbreaking elimination. In the previous episode, the Top 5 gave their all as they battled out in three challenging rounds: in-house mentor Bobby Bones’ picks, Elton John song selection, and a song dedicated to their heroes in celebration of Mother’s Day.

As expected, Alejandro Aranda killed it again as he took the audience on an amazing journey with his rendition of the Bob Marley classic “No Woman, No Cry”. He also showed his excellent artistry by performing his original song “Blesser” which he dedicated to his musical mentor Twin Shadow.

It’s also no surprise that Laine Hardy delivered another rock-solid performance by singing “Can’t You See” by The Marshall Tucker Band. Madison VanDenburg showed everyone her singing prowess as she belted out “What About Us” by Pink in her powerful performance.

Wade Cota finally fully embraced his confidence when he sang Ray Lamontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing” and rock ballad “Hard Luck Woman” by KISS. Laci Kaye Booth’s stellar and stunning rendition of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac (which she dedicated to her grandma) proved to be a perfect fit for her that it even moved pop judge Katy Perry to tears. Unfortunately, despite their notable performances, both Cota and Booth didn’t make the cut.

Now that our roster of talented hopefuls has been whittled down to the final three, it’s safe to say the remaining contestants each carry enough grit and potential to be the next American Idol. While there’s no denying that they are all equally destined for greatness in their own right, at this point in the competition, everything is a matter of who the audience believes is the worthiest to win.

Tune in on ETC and watch AI history unfold as we reveal who is the next American Idol superstar!  Don’t miss the grand LIVE finale on May 20, 2019, 8AM via satellite and 8PM primetime replay. Join the conversation with #AIonETC.

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1. Laine Hardy

What’s not to love about this 18-year-old country heartthrob from Livingston, Louisiana?

Although he did not make it to the Top 24 last season, Laine Hardy definitely showed that he has exponentially grown as an artist since he first appeared on American Idol. Now equipped with a richer voice and his newfound stunning stage presence, he has made it known that he is a prominent contender from the very beginning of season 17. Of course, he came more prepared than anybody.

After pulling through with solid performances week after week, he has slowly but surely eased his way into the Top 3.  He has rightfully become a front-runner of this competition as well as everybody’s favorite by swooning the audience and consistently coming out onstage with performances so polished almost to a fault!

Some of his epic performances this season include “Come Together” by the Beatles, “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry, “I Don’t Need No Doctor” by Joe Cocker and “Hey Jude” by The Beatles.

If Laine wins American Idol, he will become the third contestant to claim victory after being eliminated in a prior season.

2. Madison VanDenburg

This 17-year-old teenage sweetheart from Cohoes, New York may be the youngest among this season’s contestants, but Madison VanDenburg has showed us through and through that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Even though she may have been the underdog this season, she has had a subtle yet steady climb as she powered through a few good weeks. After all, she has been previously dubbed as “the next Kelly Clarkson”.

Madison definitely has the strongest voice in the competition, and while she has delivered heartfelt and impressive renditions, there still seems to be a lack of emotional connection with the audience in her performances. Despite this, we have witnessed her slowly become the powerhouse she was destined to be. Katy Perry even referred to her as “timeless” last episode.

Viewers expect nothing less from her as she always delivers with a striking finish. Judges have praised her strengths many times in the past: her solid runs, high energy and remarkable vocal range. She continues to improve as a performer week after week as she intently listens to their critiques, thus convincing everybody that she is indeed cut-out for this fearsome competition.

Among Madison’s amazing performances this season are Jesse J’s “Domino”, Lady Gaga’s “You and I”, “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele and “If It Makes You Happy” by Celine Dion.

3. Alejandro Aranda


Let’s be honest—we’ve all had our eyes on him since his impactful audition of his original song “Out Loud” which inarguably blew everyone away. Hailing from Pomona, California, the humble 25-year-old singer-songwriter and musician Alejandro Aranda has captivated us under his soulful spell the moment he appeared on the show.

Alejandro has done more originals than any other contestant who ever graced the show. This does not come as a surprise, since has always shined most whenever he uses the spotlight to showcase his creative artistry. Not only can his distinctive voice instantly make anyone fall in love with him, but his gorgeous playing of the piano and guitar alone can leave any crowd dumbfounded and longing for more. He has always banked on this strength of his, and so throughout the competition he rarely missed the opportunity to exhibit his musical genius which essentially cemented his spot in the Top 3.

Aside from his versatility, raw talent just seems to naturally flow out of him. It seems as though he never runs out of tricks up his sleeve because he manages to magically surprise the audience especially when they least expect it.

Some of his noteworthy and moving performances include his original songs “Poison” and “Cholo Love”, “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane and “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” by Elton John.

Tune in on ETC and watch AI history unfold as we reveal who is the next American Idol superstar! Don’t miss the grand LIVE finale on May 20, 2019, 8AM via satellite and 8PM primetime replay. Join the conversation with #AIonETC.


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