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The etc Challenge on Solar Scoop

Chill out with etc this Monday as we bring you TEEN CHOICE 2017TM live via satellite at 8AM! Catch your favourite celebrities perform and wow us onstage as they win awards as voted by us -- the fans.

In anticipation of TEEN CHOICE 2017TM, Vince and Kelley did something fun for the August 14 episode of Solar Scoop!

Check out this little behind-the-scenes video:


What's going on? Here's the drill: it's a 45-second race as to who will get five dark blue beads first. Who will win this challenge? Vince? Or Kelley?

Didn't we tell you our Monday was gonna be awesomesauce? We get to see TEEN CHOICE 2017TM live, and an all-new Solar Scoop episode.

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