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The Crowning Glory of an ETC Lady

At etc, we honor the feisty and confident Filipinas. especially because we strive hard to be one! It's not easy being a lady -- just ask your Mom. your Grandma, or the other women you look up to.

A feisty and confidently beautiful woman deserves

1. The most reliable wardrobe capsule!

2. A #bestie she can always count on!

3. A career that she loves and helps her pay the bills!

4. A family that supports her through her ups and downs!

5. A passion project to feed her soul!

6. And, to be treated like a Queen! wink

Yup, that's right! Every lady is #confidentlybeautiful, and that's why we love them and we are proud of them! You don't even need to be a beauty queen who has taken home lots of awards over the years -- you just have to be YOU! heart

Catch Journey to The Crown: 10 Sunrises in the Philippines Part 2 this Saturday at 7PM on etc, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, and CT! Don't miss the #MissUniverse Coronation LIVE on January 30, Monday, at 8AM!