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ETC Feels: Missing Jess and the Lofties of New Girl

The hit TV series New Girl has been one of the top favorite shows of ETC viewers and we can’t get over the fact that it has truly ended. All the characters are relatable and absolutely hilarious!

We rounded up what we’re going to miss about New Girl:

  1. The Friends vibe of the show with its Ross and Rachel will-they-or-wont-they romance

    New Girl - Will They or Won't They?
  2. The lofties’ snappy, witty jokes and comebacks


  3. The heartwarming and realistic friendship


  4. Jess’ constant singing for everything

  5. Her total bro-ness

Zooey Deschanel said in an interview that the series finale is really about the relationship between Nick and Jess—still stuck in their little loop, hopefully resolving the issues that were holding them back. We’re so glad to see them officially tie the knot in the finale… with Jess sporting an eye patch. What ill luck on her big day, right? But nothing can stop these two from their fairytale ending.

More milestones in the lives of these lofties are achieved in the finale. Meanwhile, Russell makes a huge confession, creating a fiasco between him and Nick; and Aly goes into labor at the wedding ceremony! Jess also finds themselves letting go of the loft they all once shared. We can’t help but get sentimental, too.

Deschanel also shared that it was very much the wrap up she wanted for the show. “It felt like the right time to be ending it in the best way,” she said of the New Girl series finale. “I’m sad not to see my friends that I’ve worked with every day for so long, but it was all really positive in the end.”

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