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#Adulting: Work Hard, Play Hard

It’s just been a month since you used your vacation leave and you’re once again tempted to avail one. Work has been pouring down like it’s raining cats and dogs. You can’t let go of the summer scent of yesterday. How could you possible thrive in this jungle of towering papers and demanding bosses?


#Adulting is never easy but can be fun. Saturday and Sunday are just around the corner, so why not maximize those days when work is optional? Schedule an enjoyable day because you are never too old for games and plays!

Archery is historically used for hunting and combat. But nowadays, it is a recreational activity amongst us. Want to be intense while staying focus at the same time? Hold on to that bow and arrow and unleash the inner Katniss Everdeen in you!

Known to be competitive in nature, shooting will definitely satisfy your fierce heart. Indoor shooting range is now available in the Philippines. Get all fired up and enjoy a real life Counter Strike experience.

Whether you’re planning to climb Mt. Apo or not, climbing is a great workout for your active lifestyle. Since the very first artificial climbing facilities setup in the Philippines in 1993, climbing is now more accessible to the general public as more gyms with climbing facilities have been established overtime.


Jumping is not just a child’s play. If you are a fun-loving and energetic individual, Trampoline Park is the best place for you! Invite some friends and enjoy defying gravity together.

Being eco-friendly never goes out of style. Why not find something historical while biking around a walled city with your bamboo bike? Besides, those legs need some workout after long hours of proper sitting at work.

Popularly known as Go-kart, Kart racing is becoming popular among those who are tired of the usual and now ready to explore the unknown. The extravagance of this sport is reasonable (due to the equipment used) and it’s worth a shot! Feel the adrenaline rush within and go fast and furious behind the wheels.

Take some time off and be (refreshed) in a new, healthy and fun way! All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So choose an activity, pick up that phone and reserve your slot today!