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Throwback: Hauntingly Beautiful 19th Century Photography

During the 19th century, Russia was facing great changes as an empire. With its drastic increase of industrialization, towns and cities rapidly expanded which prevented an orderly growth. Diphtheria, typhus and cholera continue to shorten Victorian life. But in the reign of Queen Victoria, mourning was made fashionable. The portraitures of the dead become a commemoration to families who have lost their loved ones.

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Victorians experimented then eventually invented the daguerreotype - the earliest photographic process. Instead of commissioning a painted portrait, post-mortem photography become popular among the masses due to its cheaper cost and quick process. With the funeral attendees, the deceased would be photographed in their coffins, looking as if they are in deep sleep.

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The eyes of the dead were sometimes propped open or their pupils were painted to make them look they are still part of this world. Rosy tints were added to enhance their life-likeness. The family members would even sit or stand with their loved one or carry them.

These images might look like morbid and unsettling for some who are living in the 21st Century . But for the Victorians, this was a way of cherishing their moments with their dead family member. Indeed, relationships are valuable to humans even until it meets its death.

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As healthcare improves in the 19th century, the demand for death photography declined. Cameras become more accessible and allowed multiple printing, giving birth to Snapshot photography. But post mortem photography continues to tell its story.

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