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Warm or Wet? : Know What to Wear and Survive Climate Change

Also known as “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, the Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia bordered by waters in all sides. It is located near the equator, making its climate tropical. The Northeast monsoon (Warm and Moist) and the Southwest monsoon (Rainy season) dominates the country’s atmosphere.

As an archipelago, the Philippines was listed as the number one most affected country by climate change according to the Global Climate Risk Index 2015. And we all know that Global Warming is rapidly progressing than any seen in the last 2,000 years. There are so many systems tied to it, and one of this is how it determines what people wear.

Everyone needs to adapt in this climate change to survive. Volatile weather is shaking the traditional pattern of one’s usual sunny and rainy collection, that’s why functionality and style should be present in our #OOTD. How then can you keep up with the changing weather happening around the clock?


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Layering clothes will allow you to be flexible in a variety of temperature without having to change your look completely. Consider a base layer -- t-shirt or jersey top -- , then a warmth layer (jacket) and finally a waterproof layer on the outside. Understanding layering basics will keep you protected from the heat of the sun or the pouring rain.


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Being under the atmosphere of an ever-changing climate, using scarves and wraps will be a perfect accessory to your fashionable style. Scarves are good protection from the scorching sun while wraps will keep you warm. Both can easily be folded and stored in one’s handbag.


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Wearing a suitable footwear will save you from being caught by a fashion police. Be safe and secured in your strapped footwear while avoiding leather shoes in this unpredictable weather (unless you’ll be staying indoor for the rest of the day). By choosing the right shoes, boots or sandals, you wouldn’t have to worry developing foot odor.

You don’t need to be Liz Clairborne and hire your own climatologist just to make sure you’ve got everything right. Owning a versatile wardrobe and being aware of the weather forecast will keep you comfortable in this unpredictable season. You won’t be able to wear your umbrella so always be ready for anything.