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Keep your Cool from Head to Toe

As the nice brilliant sun continues to brighten up our days, this gives us all the reason to hit the sandy beach and take a lot of Vitamin Sea. Once at the beach, one can’t help but feel the scorching summer sun. How do you keep your cool from head to toe when things become too hot to handle?

The Head

Why not hit the waves and let it stay on you as you wear a loose Beach Wave hair? By just using a curling iron on random areas of your hair and applying a good texturizing spray, you can achieve an easy and effortless look.


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But if you’re more of a slick back kind of chic, a Crop Top hair ala Katy Perry will best fit you. By applying texturize cream and pushing your hair up , you’ll have a versatile look while enjoying the blow of the summer wind.


The Face

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Tracing your lash lines before joining the festivity will give you a Cool Girl eye. Eyes are a defining feature that will make you look stunning as you jump into a sea of people for a night of happy sounds of laughter and electronic dance music.

After some dancing, sipping a sweet mango smoothie with your blissful Bright lip will complement your laid back style against a bare face. This is not only fashion, but boldness!


The Body

Heading out to grab lunch? Complete your summer look with a Coverup for an easy move from the beachside to the restaurant. Different styles, cuts and layers has evolved from the previous years’ sarongs and robes. Coverups now can even look like they are a part of your swimwear.

Strolling along the golden sand stretch wearing your lightweight Midi Skirt can do wonders. You’ll never go wrong with a blended, soft and breathable cotton fabric, perfect for the summer heat.

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The Hands


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Nothing beats an efficient summer look. Grab your sunset beach bag and thrown in your beach essentials (towel, sunscreen, water etc..), A roomy bag with interior pocket and crochet overlay, this beach bag got everything you need for a summers day activities.

Make sure to keep your mobile phone safe from the outdoor environment by using Phone Cases or Skins. Some might have pads to prevent damage but others offer stylish and lightweight casing. You wouldn’t want to go hysteria seeing your mobile phone swim, right?


The Toes


Allow you’re stylish feet to relax along the seaside by wearing an Ankle Flat Thong Sandals. As an open type footwear ,they are consistently light and secured on your feet, enhancing your warm-weather style.

Whether you choose a classic rubber thongs or beaded uppers, Flip Flops is easy to put on.  Naturally comfortable, it offers different shades of colors and charming styles. Worn on beach or evenings, flip flops it can also show your artsy side through those toe nails!

Make your summer getaway memorable as you build sandcastles and dive into the endless sea. Having a ready to walk runway style can surely keep your cool under the sun .Boldness always makes a lady stand out, so don’t be shy to flaunt your personality and make every moment Instagram worthy!