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How to Level Up Your Insta-Game

Selfies, places you’ve been to, photos of your kids and pets, date nights, relationship goals, cookies and cakes, coffee shots, books, and food, food and food. These are what most Instagram users post on their accounts. And while there’s nothing wrong with this picture, no pun intended, it’s hard to break out of the mold and stand out from the rest. If you’re an entrepreneur or has a personal brand you want to promote, you must reassess your Insta game.

It’s likely you need to do an IG makeover, much like Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model. For the past 22 seasons, Tyra Banks and ANTM are virtually one and the same. But, the latest season of the reality TV series kicked off with Rita Ora taking over Tyra Bank’s duties. Even the judges are all new. As such, ANTM also started a new marketing strategy which includes a revamped Instagram page.

If you want to level up your “Insta game” to get more ‘likes’ and followers, here are tips you can do:

Plan, practice, picture, post


Learn to follow the 4Ps. Instagram is more than just an image per box. If you maximize its use, it’s an avenue where you can tell a story, share your thoughts and feelings, and be relevant while improving your art. To create something unique and bring something new to the table, plan your approach. Viewers must see cohesiveness when they visit your account. Find a niche you’re passionate about or use a single filter to bring consistency to your page.

Refrain from posting everything in your camera roll.


As blunt as it is, no one is interested in what you do, what you eat, what you think 24/7. In fact, posting pictures of every move you make is annoying and unsafe. If your Instagram is a business account, avoid posting personal pictures on it. It’s unprofessional, even if your brand or company is family-oriented. Make a separate account for your selfies and personal photos. If you really want to post a picture of your pets or kids on the business account, do it sporadically.

Take photos using a digital camera.


And then transfer them to your phone. If you look at the drool-worthy accounts of “Instagram celebrities,” you’ll see that their photos are (or almost always are) professional looking. This is mainly because they use digital cameras to take pictures. If you have a digi-cam, use it wisely. It’s twice the work, but the output will definitely elevate the quality of your account.

For quick upload on the go, the iPhone is still the gadget of choice for both amateur and professional photographers. If you’re an iPhone user, learn how to maximize its camera and features to help you achieve your IG goals.

Go crazy with the hashtags.


Leverage hashtags to gain a wider audience. Based on social media studies, you can use up to 25 hashtags to boost your Instagram photo. The kicker is only to use tags relevant to your image and brand.

It takes a lot of practice and planning to elevate your IG status. Put your efforts to good use since the photo-centric social media platform is one of the top marketing tools today.


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