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How to Be More Than Just a Pretty Face in the Sea of People?

Filipinas have been in the limelight, capturing the attention of the world for the past years as beauties such as Pia Wurtzbach, Kylie Verzosa and Maureen Wroblewitz emerge victorious after joining international competitions. Their bashers were silenced by their wisdom, courage and beauty, something we all want to have as a woman. May it be on camera or on stage, they inspires us to not only look good but also feel good about ourselves.

Looking at how these modern Filipinas conquered the stage, Pia had to join the Bb.Pilipinas for three times while Kylie had to first lose the crown as Ms. Universe 2016. Indeed, the road to success in any field of endeavor a woman chooses is no easy road. Character and an attitude is something we need to have to keep going that extra mile.

Improvement more than perfection is something we should all fight for. What a woman needs to have is a character that will stand the test of time. Each and every one of us is born with beauty. But how do we become more than just a pretty face in the sea of people? How do we live out the beauty in us and through us?

Be confident of who you are.

Is your personal style more of the jeans and a tank top? Know what you want and be ready to say “no” when you need to. Its okay not to like what everybody likes. Be comfortable with your life choices and enjoy the benefits of taking responsibility on things that you know will truly make you happy.

Persevere in the process.

And like a butterfly who goes through a process called metamorphosis, humans can’t escape life processes. Why not take your time in discovering more about the things that truly matters to you? Be refreshed by new insights you haven’t seen before. This will also help you make wise decisions in life while staying the course.   

Have a grateful heart.

Dreams do come true with the help of a few people who truly believes in your potential. Acknowledge the support they give, may they be your family, friends or community. After all, success is meaningful when shared with the people you love.

To be more than just a pretty face, you need to live out that character and attitude which upholds not only yourself but others. Sometimes, you need to take in hard punches but know that perseverance builds character. Stand out and be the woman you are born to be.