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How To Start Your Fashion Business

The fashion industry continues to provide opportunities for individuals who have an artistic flair and passion for style. But just like any other industry, behind the glitz and glamour seen on runways, it demands blood, sweat and tears from anyone who desires to be a part of it.

Fashion is a multibillion-dollar international industry. First developed in Europe and America, the business of making and selling clothes remains to be globally competitive today. With the likes of Marc Jacobs, Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen, to start up your own clothing label seems to be like facing a giant Goliath while being a shepherd David.

But there is always a room for anyone who is willing to take a risk this cutthroat industry. As a designer, you need to be tough and assertive to stand out. So if you are passionate enough to be a successful CEO of a clothing label, here are the basics of starting your fashion business;

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1. Create a Business Plan

Set your direction not only as a designer but also an entrepreneur. Understanding budgets, marketing and sales concepts is vital important for the production and distribution of your clothing label.

2. Require a Capital

Your funds will be used to buy what you need (such as materials) to launch your clothing line. Money does not guarantee success but it will surely keep your business afloat in this globally competitive industry.


3. Manage a Team

A number of people is involve when it comes to the designing of your clothes to the distribution of it. Make sure you are working well with people that will help you achieve your goals.

4. Build your Brand

Look at your brand as a person who is talking to an audience (which is your market). How would you want to look? What do you want to communicate?

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5. Draft your Design

It’s time for you to squeeze out your creative juices. You can be artsy fartsy all the while deciding the form, fabric and material of your clothing line.

6. Produce a Sample

By doing so, you are able to do the necessary adjustments on your design. You also need to have an actual product, something your potential buyer and producer can see and feel.

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7. Seek a Manufacturer

Mass producing your design will enable you to meet the needs of your client. Factories usually reproduce in large quantities so make sure you ask a lot of questions to ensure a quality product.

8. Sell your Clothing Label

Speak through flat forms where your target market can listen to you. Open your shop and make your first sale!

Being an entrepreneur and a fashion designer need total commitment and discipline 24 hours a day/ 7 times a week. And as make your mark in the fashion industry, you would want to be more and learn more. Watch and learn from our back to back to back Project Runway episodes every Thursdays, only on ETC.