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#IAmETC: Get your work published on etc!

CALLING FOR ENTRIES! Get your work published on!

You can send your work to us through emailing us at, with the e-mail subject: #IAmETC!

You may send any of the following:

  1. Stories, original articles/listicles, poems about your experiences, feelings that are related to the channel and what it stands for!
  2. Movie/Show/Episode reviews! Be sure to indicate what it's for. You may add photos/links, too, if you want!
  3. Your OOTDs/make-up inspired by your favourite etc shows, characters and/or celebrities.
  4. Beauty/home/lifestyle tips/ how to's/Share your DIY

(If you could think of something that wasn't indicated above, do let us know and we'll check them out!)

Of course, your name will be written on the byline.


  • Submissions should be done only ONCE. 
  • We can't feature your work if it ONLY contains links or stuff about your blog or personal social media accounts. We also won't post something that directs hate to a person/group/show/movie/entity.
  • Mentioning and promoting of SPECIFIC brands/products is not allowed.
  • Your work is subject to minor-editing by the team. But don't worry -- we'll respond to your e-mail with the final/edited copy and date of posting before we put it up on our site!
  • Everything sent to etc will be considered etc's property. But as mentioned, your name will be on the byline of the article.

From all the articles sent to us and published online, our top pick for the month/week/2 weeks will receive cool stuff from etc!




Make sure to add your full name, age, Twitter/Instagram account at the end of your email/article. 

We can't wait to read your stuff! x